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Keep Up The Company Tours To Boost Business

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You may be wondering why we’d write a blog post encouraging you to do the in-person company visits. We can sum it up in one word – ‘marketing’.

While many businesses have canned getting out in the field, if you can achieve it safely, i.e. social distancing and wearing a mask if required, it’s still an excellent marketing strategy and not just for getting further sales.

Read on for our explanation as to why organizing a company tour is an excellent marketing tool.

Company tours might seem a bit old-fashioned to the modern business owner.

Furthermore, with the pandemic still lingering, they might feel counterproductive and somewhat risky. After all, there is a chance of having a COVID carrier in the crowd or even among your own workers. So, should you even think about organizing them in 2021?

Well, there’s a very good reason why people still rely on office tours, business tours, and even factory tours.

In fact, a company tour might be one of the best marketing tools possible for any business. And yes, even amid the pandemic, you can host a decent tour with the right cutting-edge and interactive wireless tour guide system.

So, in this article, we go over all of the different ways in which a company tour can serve as an excellent marketing tool and how it can boost your business.

Attracting Future Employees

There are plenty of methods out there that businesses can employ to attract new talent. However, most of them involve interactions with the people, not focusing on the workplace itself. But think about it from the perspective of a worker.

  • Would you want to work in an environment that is ill-equipped, poorly maintained, or disorganized?
  • Would you rather have an office or a factory where everything goes smoothly and where everyone knows the ropes?

Organizing a company tour with future employees in mind is the perfect way to put your best foot forward and show them their future work environment.

In fact, your current employees can even help you attract more people by inviting friends and acquaintances over who are interested in a job position. That way, you can show people the workplace and have the opportunity to get some first-hand praise from the workers themselves.

Plus, since word-of-mouth is another powerful marketing tool, the visitors can spread the word of your company, and recruits will be lining up to work with you.

Boosting Associate Relationships

business partners

Everyone wants to impress a business partner. It’s not easy to do, especially if you also have lots of higher-ups to impress e.g. management.

Naturally, you can always attend business meetings via Zoom and keep them abreast of your activities through emails. But they need to see your hard work in real-time. They need to see that you are ready to commit yourself to hard work and success. And what better way to do that than with a company tour?

There are several ways in which a tour can positively affect your associates.

Firstly, they will see how successful you are based on what goes on in the office, factory, or business itself. That can lead to them strengthening their relations with you and working more closely with you on big future projects.

Next, they can provide valuable input so that you can improve your workspace.

Finally, don’t be shocked if you see some of the elements from your business appear in your associates’ offices when you visit them later. If they are employing your design or organizational ideas, it can only mean one thing. You are doing so well that the higher-ups want to copy your model and improve themselves further.

Of course, this process will not only be beneficial to your higher-ups.

All employees can learn a few valuable lessons from taking your company tour. In fact, it might even be a good idea to host separate tours for entry-level associates and peers. That way, you can share your ideas and help them grow.

Attracting Future Investors

You may never know who will attend your company tour. Sometimes, it might be just the people interested in working with you (or for you). Other times it might be your superiors checking up on your progress.

However, there will be some office tours that a potential investor or partner might attend. But why would they visit, and how can you use the tour to your advantage if they do?

Well, visiting a potential business partner during a company tour is an incredibly salient move. An investor can tell a lot from observing the company in action.

Sure, you can take them out to lunch or have a formal meeting beforehand. But that won’t show them how your business actually operates. By being there in person, investors can tell a lot. They can tell what your work ethic is like, how your employees cooperate, the working atmosphere, and how you handle the workload.

So, a successful tour can land you a new investor or two in a matter of months or even weeks.

You won’t always know if the investors are there or not, at least not before the tour itself. So, to land one or two, you might want to try a few methods to impress them.

Furthermore, if you employ these methods well, your superiors attending the tour will remember it, which can only benefit you.

Learning and Improving

Naturally, not every office tour will go off without a hitch. And even the best workdays tend to have one or two things go wrong. So, think of your company tour as a great learning experience.

Make sure to take both positive and negative feedback from your visitors into account. Once the tour is done, you can work on correcting any flaws and improving on the strengths.

It’s also helpful to pay attention to any questions the tour participants might have. Not only will answering them help you promote the company, but you’ll also get a better idea of what might be some of your company’s shortcomings.

Yet, there are times when even investors and potential workers do not share their feedback. If that happens, try to figure out the potential problems by carefully observing the crowd as the tour goes on.

In addition, holding a tour is a terrific opportunity to acquire the knowledge and experience you will need when organizing follow-up tours. Any mistakes from these events are chances to improve and evolve.

Plus, it’s a great way of learning how to handle an event like that, think on your feet, and feel comfortable talking to a big group of business associates.

Final Thoughts

Hosting a company visit is, indeed, quite important. Not only will it help promote your company effectively, but it will benefit everyone who comes to visit, in more ways than one. And if you pull it off successfully, you can expect more people to come for the next one, and the tours will grow and improve with each new iteration.

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