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IT Security Basics: My Website Was Hacked! What Do I Do Now?

Restoring a hacked website is not as easy as simply running antivirus on the website files and quarantining any infected files. I also doubt, as a small business owner, you have the skill to deal with the technical aspects of recovering from an attack. Therefore, in this post I will provide a step-by-step guide for […]

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How My Business Website Was Hacked And What Happened Next

The advice provided in this article is based on real world experience of having an income producing website hacked – namely my website. In this post, I will reveal how the baddies got in, what actions I took to restore my website, the assumptions I had around responsibilities – that were wrong, how much the […]

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Do I Need To Be PCI Compliant?

It’s complicated, but nevertheless if your business (be it sole trader, small business, national or a global entity) is processing, storing and/or transmitting credit card information I would recommend you continue reading. But first off I am going to make a promise to you. I promise that this post will not contain any nerdy technical […]

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Realistic Password Management Tips

No doubt you have read numerous articles warning you to have strong passwords and a different password for every account. For most people this advice is unrealistic since most of us have at least 20+ accounts all requiring a username and password – everything from online banking, social media profiles, online stores to paying for […]

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