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How To Boost Organic Visits To Your Website

grow your website visitors

Do you feel like you’re drowning in marketing strategies that everyone says work, but even with your best effort to try many of them, you’re still not making any headway? You’re not alone.

Attempting to take on nearly everything you’re told works and giving equal time and investment to too many tasks will leave you ragged without the results to show. Digital marketing does need to provide an acceptable ROI, so we recommend putting in place a foundation of actions that constantly work to channel visitors to your website.

Targeted marketing does make sense; however, if we overdo it, the strategy can reduce our sales funnel, providing fewer prospects for the sales team. To boost visits to your website, you want to avoid focusing just on your targeted audience.

Here is our ‘one size fits all’ approach to marketing, or the digital marketing foundation, from which all other strategies are added and removed as and when required.

These marketing strategies are perfect for the start-up business and the time-poor.

A combination of targeted and far-reaching strategies, primarily online, i.e. digital marketing, works as a solid foundation for businesses of any size. Remember, all marketing is about filling the sales funnel, so you want to do these tasks continuously.


You’ve got a website, and it has a blog. Now it’s over to you to publish regular content on it. A daily post is ideal. Keep to a plan for the content you put on your blog. Make sure it’s not homogenised and thus will become too predictable and lose the interest of your visitors.

Make sure the blog content is high quality and a true reflection of your brand. Different types of content relevant to your website visitors.

Blog Content Types

  • Videos – share videos and provide commentary on why they interest you and are relevant to your blog visitors. Also, create your videos; it’s fun; however, make sure they are professional and in a style that positively impacts the perception of your business.
  • Articles – write or get written by copywriters on topics that work well with your business and what it provides. Sharing knowledge, tips, and at some level educating your visitors will keep their interest even if they are not yet customers. Returning visitors to your blog will increase your website’s page views, a core measurement for marketing.
  • News & Views – Standing out among your peers and sharing your views on what’s happening in your industry can be risky but very rewarding when done well. Become a subject matter expert and then be invited to participate in creating news items that end up on higher-ranking websites. This strategy is sure to increase your website visitors.


A regular eNewsletter is an email marketing initiative that’s a must-do for all businesses. It’s common knowledge that email marketing is a low-cost and high-return marketing and sales strategy.

Your newsletter, with engaging content that links to your website, will surely deliver a spike in visits.

Plus, you don’t have to spend hours creating the content for each newsletter as you’ve already got it on your blog, so use it as the basis of each newsletter edition. You can also include a targeted message and special promotion in the newsletter for your email subscribers to improve engagement (opens and clicks).

Social Media

Some say Facebook is the Internet, which can seem that way, as you can do so much on that platform, including running a business. However, a few other social media platforms offer lots of opportunities too. With social media, you need to know what you want to achieve from it, as time spent on it can chew up a lot of time and resources, which is unsuitable for the time-poor business owner.

Social Media Plan

Create a plan for each platform to have a business presence, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. In your project, state your goals, time and investment. Please stick to the program, you can change it, but it’s essential to use it to keep you on track.

Share your blog posts with your social media followers and share news and videos on other sites. View the engagement analytics to see how well-received your posts are with your followers. This is trial and error, so don’t be disappointed when some positions are not getting the engagement you want. Be open to feedback and change what you post and share to get a response from your followers.


Three fail-safe digital marketing strategies should form the foundation of all other digital marketing. Commit time and investment to your blog, email marketing and social media presence and then add and remove shorter campaigns that may include SMM or Google advertising.

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