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Crafty Content: Improving Your Content Marketing Strategy


Online content is driving SEO, and your business needs fresh, unique content. What’s your content strategy?

With just about every company in the world is represented by a website, social media, and host of other online content, it’s becoming harder and harder to get yourself noticed amongst the crowd.

Pushing businesses to try new methods to make themselves accessible has become more challenging, particularly with the content strategy, but this article is here to help you overcome it.

Establishing Your Angle

Having the right angle for your content is very important. Establish core topics you can share knowledge, educate, and share what you’ve found online. We know you’re probably time-poor and feel it’s better to focus all effort on your products and services. Well, the good news is you can! 🙂 Instead of overt selling, your angle will be more subtle. In your blog posts, offer something of value for free this strategy will get repeat visitor traffic to your website.

Bookmark Blogs

Look around the web, and find loads of blogs you can bookmark. Then search for posts and web pages that are geared towards teaching you rather than selling you something.

Emulate the same style until you find your own writing style that informs rather than sells. The aim with this content strategy is to establish yourself as a subject matter expert and thus your knowledge is sought after.

Write a lot, and spread it throughout social media and to your email list, so it is shared and, to the result is more organic traffic to your website.

Finding Some Examples

Moving your content strategy away from real sales can feel like a dangerous road to tread, especially if you’ve already invested heavily in traditional marketing.

Adapting is all part of growing your business, with providing knowledge is an easy way to show that you’re more than just a company and that you desire to help your customers.

Take a website like The Sill, for example. They sell indoor plants which are notoriously hard to look after but make their customers lives easier by providing them with the knowledge they need to keep them alive. It doesn’t take too much work for them to give this information but could save hundreds of hours of research for users of their site.

The Benefits

The idea of giving away information which could potentially limit the need a customer has for your business might sound a little counterproductive.

In reality, though, this can bring customers to your door which would never have come in the past. Not only are people happy to see a business that isn’t just thinking about profits, but they are also on the lookout for the fastest way to get their jobs done — making someone’s online shopping trip just a little bit shorter can often justify having higher prices than other online stores.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling inspired to start looking down a different route for your content marketing. Continue your customer discovery and add unique content that resonates with your intended audience. Delving deeper into satisfying your customers need for information is your top priority. Avoid following the crowd, and while keeping a close eye on your competitors is required, your USPs can include your content engagement.

Unfortunately, many small businesses follow the same path with this work, barely creating their campaigns. You can’t copy other people’s ideas in a field based on competition, though, as this will leave customers unhappy. Instead, you need to think of your content, providing users with benefits that they can’t get from other online companies.

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Content Marketing

How To Write A Blog Post In Less Time

blog writer

Writer’s block is not just the reserve of book authors, bloggers and indeed all of us get it too. So how do you get your writer’s mojo back so you can contribute more posts on your blog in less time?

Here are a few recommendations that are sure to get your ideas and thoughts onto your blog in record time.


Consider when the time is right for you, i.e. what time of the day are you at your peaking writing performance? There is no one right or wrong answer as some people are at their most lucid at the start of the day, while others come alive after dusk. If you want to write in the middle of the night – do it!

Getting the time of day sorted will shorten the time it takes for you to transform your ideas into articles without the need for copious revisions before the final post is published and shared with your blog followers and to your social media profiles.

Grammar and Spell Checker

The English language is considered one of the hardest to learn so if English is not your first language, yet your website and blog are in English. You need to master the language well enough to articulate your thoughts using a style most used by English speakers. Using language translation apps to present your articles in different languages only works moderately well.

Why English Is Challenging

English is derived from the Germanic family of languages with 26 per cent of it coming from German and 30 per cent from French and Latin respectively. When the Normans invaded England, they bought their languages, and that’s where the ‘old English’ originated. English has evolved through the generations and most notably the spelling and pronunciation.

Conversational English is spoken and written today, and it is this style that is used by most bloggers. Even those among us who did well in English at school get caught out with its complexity. Even the basics of grammar catch us out, i.e. when to add a comma, when is a sentence ‘unclear precedent’? When do propositions change the meaning of verbs? Have I lost you yet?

Use An App

Well, the good news is you don’t need a Masters qualification in English to have the confidence to write on your blog. If there’s a problem, you can be sure someone has created a solution with an app. A grammar app will knock off minutes if not hours every week in editing your work. There are free grammar apps for quick checks on spelling and basic grammar errors, and then you can pay for a service and get the premium service.

Some of the apps you could consider are:

  • Grammarly
  • AfterTheDeadline
  • Ginger
  • SpellCheckPlus
  • Whitesmoke
  • ProWritingAid

Whatever app you choose to use, make sure you get the operating system and browser plugins to make light work of accessing the feature when you need it, i.e. when you’re crafting your content.


Plan your research before you need the content for your blog articles. If you are left with little choice of when you can write an article or blog post you’ll want to have a repository of reference sites and topics to explore.

Find inspiration for your blog writing, with a topic that trending, and use popular SEO tools like Keyword Research Tool and also free is the Content Idea Generator.

Practice Makes Perfect

Training and practice makes perfect‘, and for bloggers – near-perfect is good enough. 🙂 The hardest part of starting something new is the unknown, but in time with experience and learning, confidence builds, and if you love what you do, you will practice a lot. Practice by writing a minimum of one blog post a day and just watch the time per post shrink while the quality of your content remains high.


Writing does come naturally to some people but only because they love it, and when you love something, you want to do it all the time. For the rest of us who understand that ‘content is everything’ for SEO use these tips to shorten the time it takes you to write a unique, relevant post that is informational yet casual. Hence, a wider audience engages with it and whatever it is you’re selling on your website. Here is your next tip – how to use emojis in your marketing.

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