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Is The Cloud The Future Of IT?


When it comes to IT, clouds are so much more than the white fluffy things in the sky. They are taking on increasing significance in the IT world, causing many people to look at whether they should be utilizing this and how they can get the best from it.

Cloud computing is now an industry all of its own and forms the basis of many different software and storage products due to the fact it can be modified and extended according to needs. The possibilities of cloud computing seem almost endless.

Cloud Computing

In this article, we examine what Cloud computing is, what the future of Cloud IT holds for all of us, and how you can make the most of it.

What is Cloud Computing?

Once upon a time, we would buy a new computer based on the hard drive that it contained, and often it would be necessary to purchase additional hardware to meet all of your needs. Gone are the days when your laptop would be home to all of your data, as well as the software programs that you need to run.

This can lead to the memory of your computer becoming full quite quickly, machines under-performing and your internet groaning under the strain of the access that is required. On top of this, you would need to purchase discs for every piece of software you wanted to use, leaving them to be scratched and lost and making it difficult to update the software over time.

Cloud computing is essentially a network of servers designed to run applications purchased and owned in physical form or store data. The Cloud has now become a notable feature in transforming the world of computing.

Clouds provide a host for all of these storage needs and most of your software applications, and it seems to be endless. As it is not a physical piece of hardware, it can be modified almost immediately to give you more space whenever you need it.

How does Cloud Computing benefit businesses?

There is a good chance you already use cloud storage to store the photos from your smartphone or to run software on your laptop. In the UK, SMEs are now gravitating towards cloud computing rapidly thanks to the fact that it provides a relatively low-cost solution to a problem whilst offering massive amounts of flexibility.

Cloud computing allows a type of flexibility that we have never enjoyed before. It also allows businesses to improve their services to work far more efficiently and educate employees on the benefits of Cloud Computing.

The Cloud will play an active part in helping you achieve many of your business goals as it can be a powerful tool and expansive in a way that seemingly knows no bounds. It can also offer cost-effective solutions and allow smaller businesses to expand without breaking the bank.

The future of cloud computing

Cloud computing has a bright future in both business and domestic settings as it is only likely to develop yet more benefits in the future that we can all implement and make the most of.

The cloud computing market is growing at a rate of 26%, with huge amounts of software now being cloud-based. The scalability of cloud computing means more businesses are now turning to this as an option over and above more traditional methods.

Data is one of our most important and valuable assets, and we are now storing more of it than ever. The problem with this is that it can use up vast amounts of storage space which needs to be incredibly secure.

Businesses have relied on the hardware of external storage, which is becoming increasingly impractical to expand it. Cloud providers can offer storage facilities that can grow with your needs quickly and easily, without the need for any hassle or compromise.

Cloud computing can also assist with the quality of the internet that we enjoy. We use the internet more now than ever. With an average time of 155 minutes per day worldwide spent online, it is no wonder people are opting for the convenience that Cloud computing provides.

People may not realize the number of devices that connect to the Cloud. Home gadgets and appliances such as speakers, doorbells, and Smart fridges all use some form of Cloud computing.

When we use all of these things, we expect speed, and by storing data in the Cloud, we can get this. We are also set to see an increase in cloud usage for software programs. Software development is now working towards more programs being stored in the Cloud to free up space and reduce the cost of the software itself.

Cloud computing is considered incredibly secure for many reasons. With cyber-attacks being an issue among the Internet of Things, cloud computing can provide a level of protection from losing vital digital documents.

Paying close attention to this ensures that your provider has innovative and robust protection methods against cyber-attacks. You should also ensure that your cloud provider has comprehensive backup options to ensure you can retrieve everything should there ever be a problem.

The green movement has also played a significant role in Cloud computing. By reducing the need for physical servers and software discs, the impact of IT on the environment is declining. As climate change continues to be at the forefront of modern-day issues, there is likely to be a significant push towards this kind of technology to ensure every business is doing all they can to be more environmentally friendly.

This trend will continue to grow as the data we amass grows and grows. So the future is likely to be centered around this kind of storage from now on.

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