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How Businesses Are Using AI Cloud Services

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Artificial intelligence in business is far-reaching and accessible. With cloud-based services that include AI for chatbots, Machine Learning Models for Natural Language Processing and more, businesses of all sizes can get a lot done via SaaS without using human resources.

Freeing people from mundane, repetitive tasks empowers businesses to deploy their staff to higher-value, more rewarding tasks.

Change is necessary, albeit worrisome for workers fearing they will struggle to stay employed if their employer starts using AI cloud services. Businesses, though, must remain competitive, reduce costs, improve efficiency and grow, so how can they do it all and keep their existing staff?

While emerging tech has seen the demise of the first line support operator in favour of AI for chatbots, new roles have eventuated, including data scientists, data analysts, and hybrid roles that require humans to work alongside robots.

Big Players in AI Cloud Services

With the affordability of cloud-based services, which are the big players in AI Cloud Services?

Datamation say there are a handful of technology enterprises leading the way forward in AI cloud services, including:

  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • IBM Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Alibaba Cloud

There are many AI vendors too using AI, and now it’s present in industry-specific services.

For example, SalesForce, the renowned enterprise CRM and marketing platform, has acquired AI companies and honed its services for more automation and deeper use of machine learning to manage repetitive tasks like customer data acquisition and reporting.

Which Industries Are Using AI?

Here is the A to Z of sectors using emerging tech from autonomous driving to online advertising and much more.

BusinessInsider reports a list of sectors embracing Artificial Intelligence.


General Practitioners (GPs) have improved their customer reach with online consultations using AI chatbots to diagnose health issues. AI is also used in imaging analysis and personalized medicines.

Finance, Banking, Insurance

Professional service providers use AI chatbots plus data analysis to determine customer credit histories quickly. Plus, AI speeds up fraud detection and money-laundering activity.


Customer discovery and data insights are big business for service providers. Companies want to focus their sales and marketing campaigns on target audiences. Google is the leader in data analysis, and they use AI in their algorithms for Adwords, google analytics, and marketing insights.

Big Data

Managing personal data is more complex now, and there are laws on what a business can and can not do with it. For example, Europe’s GDPR compliance requires all businesses resident or doing business in the EU to comply with its data protection and privacy rules.

How is your business capturing, storing and using personal data?

DigitalGuardian has a comprehensive guide to GDPR compliance.

Where You Can Use AI In Your Business

There are many more uses for AI in business beyond capturing and analysing data. Forbes has a list of five uses for AI in the business, including:

Product Control

Ensuring your customer is getting what they paid for is time-consuming if your business uses people to assess each product that comes off the conveyor belt. AI is valuable, using machine learning to analyse and detect product flaws before reaching the customer. Plus, AI is also part of delivery, i.e. transport and logistics.

Work Scheduling

Managing large teams of people scheduling work is not a task you’d wish on anyone, and now you don’t need to as AI can do it more efficiently than a human. Flattening out peak times and spreading the workflow to quieter periods is easy to work for AI.


Cybersecurity is top of mind for all businesses using the Internet. AI is improving cyber threat detection and quarantining viruses and ransomware, to name just a couple of its actions. Constant surveillance and better endpoint detection, i.e. how a hacker infiltrated a system is easier using AI-powered security systems.

Summing Up

AI is everywhere, with many vendors and big tech service providers. Plus, experts in emerging tech are in high demand.

Businesses can get greater operational efficiencies using AI to improve customer services, manage products and delivery, schedule work, reach their targeted audience and manage systems security.

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