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eCommerce Conversion Rate – How UGC Can Help You Convert More

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Whether you are a start-up or an e-commerce platform running in the industry for decades, you might have spent a budget for an attractive site for your business. But is that all? A fancy-looking e-commerce website might get you compliments, but not a good conversion rate.

What is the e-commerce conversion rate?

An e-commerce conversion rate defines the percentage of visitors or potential customers that lands on your page to buy a product. But the real question is, “what is a good conversion rate?” Quite honestly, it varies for every industry. For instance, a 20% conversion rate for a premium carpet brand might be impressive, but the same figures might be disappointing for an apparel e-commerce store.

The key lies in understanding what is the average conversion rate of your e-commerce site. Once you have information w.r.t the rate, you can unlock the standards above it.

If your firm is converting around the calculated average conversion rate, you might be under-performing in terms of attracting more buyers to your site.

And of course, you do not want that, otherwise, you might be facing financial troubles very soon.

However, the good news is, “conversion rate keeps on fluctuating”.  You need to have a strategy to develop User-Generated-Content to bring more traffic to your website. With UGC, customers enjoy the authentic shopping experience that helps in building better credibility for the brand as well.

But how is UGC so powerful and influential? And how can the e-commerce platform work on the better deliverable of UGC? Let’s understand the same!

Why UGC is so powerful?

Following reasons will help you to discover the command of UGC and how it can benefit your e-commerce site:

It can drive major traffic to the site

Entrepreneurs often rely on UGC to understand the traffic on their site and social media walls.

UGC is requested by the entrepreneurs in ads and reposting of customer content on their social media page. This helps in attracting more and more genuine potential customers who share an interest in your products. For instance, a review by a customer is an effortless segment to boost more traffic on your website.

Speaking of click-through rate, it is highly noticeable in the advertisement that includes customer reviews and cost per acquisition (CPA) is 50% lower for reviews than any other standard advertisement.

It boosts your conversion rate

The conversion rate relies heavily on UGC. You can easily grab the user’s attention using different content formats like reviews, visuals, etc. and influence your conversion rate.

It helps in improving the credibility of the brand as well as customer loyalty

Since user-generated content is raw information shared by your customers, it represents how loyal they are towards your brand! Along with the same, the unfiltered and authentic review by the users also plays a major role in developing integrity and visibility for your brand.

Before we talk about how this secret recipe can be modified to increase your conversions, let’s take a look at the recent statistics:

  • 82% of the online buyers, value UGC content as it helps them with better shopping decisions.
  • The brand engagement with the potential customers improves by 28% with UGC content and videos
  • 48% of online buyers can discover more products and brands online through UGC

Ways to Show Off Positive UGC on the Digital Platform

So now you know how important and powerful User Generated Content is for your brand. Now let’s shower some light upon a few strategies to show off the positive reviews and UGC.

Connect your potential shoppers with customers’ recommendations

When you feature reviews or recommendations on your product or social media page, it helps in answering the real questions asked by the customers. 92% of the customers believe in the recommendations and end up buying the product says Adweek. Ecommerce conversion rate, hence, improves with questions answered (by the existing customer) on the product page.

It helps the potential buyers to build trust in the brand when they read honest reviews by genuine customers.

Replace your product info with reviews

When your customer clicks on the product category page; try to highlight reviews on the page along with product description. This helps in building more trust with the customers as they understand the quality of your product before they even hit the ‘buy’ button.

Innovate your product packaging

By including the product reviews and recommendations by previous buyers, you can build brand trust in your customers. And one innovative way to realize the same is including reviews on the product packaging. So they will remember your brand when they wish to shop next time.


Try these innovative ways to show-off your positive UGC. However, in the course of improving the brand’s credibility, it is highly important to work on negative feedback as well. If your customers leave negative feedback or review, it will impact your brand, but not in a good way! After UGC has a powerful impact that can spoil or develop the credibility of your brand!

As much as it is important to showcase the positive side of your brand, it is vital to work on the negative feedbacks by treating your customer right!

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