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3 Successful Social Media Influencers

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Monetizing a blog through social media influencing takes personality, perseverance, and a unique and exciting perspective on products that draws in viewers and followers.

Below we showcase a few influencers who have managed to gather a large following through a combination of these strengths and others. Take a look at what their work offers, and perhaps you can adapt something of their success to create your own.

Kristen Tuff Scott

Kristen’s influencer career got started with an unexpectedly viral response to a virus. She got the flu during her travels and received a massive response when she broadcasted her condition through a public social media page. Her persona is that of a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is country girl.

Her product focus is mostly in the area of beauty. She maintains her connection to her audience religiously, knowing that her followers aren’t just relying on her for reviews, but personal feedback to their concerns. This kind of interpersonal connection creates a strong base to grow from as an influencer, and it is something that would-be influencers should emulate if they desire successful careers in the field.

Elisabeth Akinwale

This Instagram-based influencer from Chicago co-founded 13th Flow Fitness. She showcases fitness products from Under Armour on her pages. Her style is visceral and visual, combining displays of fitness equipment with the bodies they help forge. Her influencing is grounded in a love for her community and a desire to build a healthier, stronger world through the connections that her city and neighborhood hold. Appealing to the relationships between people to make them stronger through shared activity is a powerful method of the follower generation.

The desire for human connection runs deep, and she builds those connections in her social media the same way that she builds muscle through fitness; with patience and a desire for improvement. Mirroring her bond with her community is an excellent way to gather a dedicated following in your local area, and it’s a great place to start when you want to build a following as an influencer.

The Kaji Family

This is the family behind Ryan ToysReview, a massively popular YouTube channel for children and parents focusing on children’s toy reviews, personal vlogs, childhood antics, and a strong focus on consumer culture. This family found its niche and ran with it, eventually building the eighth highest-paid YouTube channel. Childhood innocence and a desire for toys are things to which almost anyone can relate. This family tapped into a deep vein in the collective human experience, gaining them 11 million dollars in one year. Finding your niche is vital to being a successful influencer.

Discover your success through the combination of your passions and a range of commonalities with your target audience. Building that bridge will do wonders for your follower numbers. Don’t go with a focus that isn’t a passion for you. People instinctively know when someone isn’t genuine. This is one of the primary reasons why commercials and web ads are currently failing when their results are compared to social media influencers in marketing.

Continued interpersonal connection, community connection, and a bridge between passion and fan-base; these are the links that forge the chain of success for influencers willing to do the work required to build a broad following.

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