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Should I Outsource My Business Back-Office?

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Outsourcing is often an excellent time save and money save for small and medium businesses. If you’re on a tighter budget than larger corporations, you need to find any way you can to run your business efficiently without wasting time or valuable funds. Many smaller companies have less manpower and aren’t able to use the resources they need to run a comprehensive enterprise with different departments and employees for each factor of their business. Outsourcing makes it easier to get things done without spending money on permanent employees or expensive solutions. However, you might be wondering whether outsourcing is the right choice for your business.

Outsourcing your business back-office might save you time and money, and there are various other benefits too. Before you look into outsourcing, see how it could benefit your company and the tasks you could outsource for a more efficient operation.

Save Money

One of the best benefits of outsourcing your business’s back-office is the money you can save. Some businesses start off having one person dedicate all their time to doing one particular task, whether it’s answering the phone or handling invoices. But this can get expensive, and you can’t always afford to pay for a permanent employee who could perhaps be better off doing something else with their time. Outsourcing often makes it cheaper to get things done because it offers a flexible solution. You only pay for what you need, and all the resources required are set up and ready to go.

Save Time

Another prominent benefit of using outsourcing services is that it can save your business a lot of time. You don’t have to redirect an existing employee to spend all their time completing a particular task, leaving them free to do what you hired them for. You won’t have to spend your time working on back-office tasks when you could be much more useful working on growing your business. You could reduce the need to work constantly on one thing down to a day’s work for your team. For example, some outsourcing services can provide the software and services you need to make it easier to track sales tax or manage your telecoms system.

Protect Your Business

Outsourcing can be vital for some tasks. If you want to ensure that everything runs smoothly and within the law, choosing to outsource can make it much easier. For example, outsourcing human resources, regulatory compliance, or legal work can all help to protect your company. As a small or medium business, you likely can’t afford to have a lawyer employed for you full time or on retainer. Outsourcing any legal issues you need to sort out will make sure you don’t get into any trouble while saving you time and money. Some industries can require a lot of work to ensure your business complies with regulations and standards and outsourcing can help to make it easier.

Access Skilled Workers

Choosing to outsource parts of your back-office gives you immediate access to skilled workers who know what they’re doing. There’s no need to spend time and money recruiting employees and trying to find the perfect match for your company. While you need to get the right outsourcing service, it will come complete with workers who have already been vetted to ensure they can do their job well.

Improve Accuracy and Consistency

Having all those skilled workers at your disposal means that you can ensure excellent quality. The job will get done right the first time, with professional results every time. You can make sure you receive a consistent service too, and you have the benefit of the outsourced service checking its own work to ensure quality. If you’re unhappy with the service you receive, it’s also easier to look for a new outsourcer than it would be to replace an employee.

Increased Organisation

Outsourcing will often help to make a business more organised and easier to manage. There are many tasks you might struggle to keep organised or that you require members of staff to spend their valuable time completing. With outsourcing, you can get it all sorted out without you or any of your permanent employees having to do anything. You can also ensure you have practical solutions to problems you were previously struggling to work around. For example, if you outsource your accounts, all you need to do is send them all the information they need. You can remain hands-off for the most part.

Is Outsourcing Right for Your Company?

There can be some drawbacks to outsourcing your back-office, so it’s important to decide if it’s right for your business. For example, you might be concerned about other services having access to confidential information or about coordinating services so that you can meet deadlines and targets. You can weigh up the benefits and the potential disadvantages to decide if outsourcing is the right choice. For some tasks, you might prefer to have one person dedicated to your company who can really understand your values and approach.

Back-office Tasks to Outsource

There are many different back-office tasks your business can outsource. It all depends on what sort of support services you need and where you think you could benefit from outsourcing the most. Consider some of these tasks to make the most of outsourcing:

Accounting – There is a wide range of accounting tasks that can be incredibly time-consuming, where accuracy is essential. Outsourcing makes it much easier to manage.
Payroll – Managing the taxes and regulations surrounding payroll is easier with outsourcing.
Social media – Social media is now a prominent form of marketing, but it can be very time-consuming. Outsourcing its management makes it easier to be more responsive to customers.
Telecommunication – Various telecommunications services can be outsourced to improve customer services and to make your office more organised. Having a service that forwards calls and takes messages is very convenient.
Content – Content marketing is also a major player in the marketing world today. Outsourcing it saves a lot of time and money on its creation and distribution.

Outsourcing your business back-office can have many benefits to your company. As well as saving time and money, you can improve efficiency and quality within your business.

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