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Quora is explained on Wikipedia as a question and answer site where a customer posts a question on a topic and users including industry experts provide their answers. Did you know Quora has been around for over 7 years? Quora was founded by two former Facebook employees and it went live on June 21, 2010.

In this infographic by Fullestop the timeline of Quora is illustrated for your enjoyment.

An interesting fact: Quora’s user database now sits at 190 million. It took 6 years to grow to $90 million and and just one year to grow by another 100 million. So in the last 12 months Quora has attracted on average 1,923,000 new users every week!

Technology is the most active topic with over 23 million questions. This should not be a surprise, technology is evolving all the time from our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) prevalence in our work environments to everything in the cloud.

More than half of all user online time is done at home and most of it’s users reside in America. It relies mostly on search requests for it’s traffic over users going direct or receiving a notification and clicking a link.

Quora is no longer considered a start up business and it’s key executives are probably in demand as business mentors. Success doesn’t just happen and this business got off to a good start due to the calibre of it’s founders. Check out the infographic below.

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