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Exchanging USD to Bitcoin Has Never Been Easier

USD to Bitcoin

Digital currencies are the now and the future of commerce.

While all cryptocurrencies are digital currencies, the reverse is not the case.

Digital currencies have no physical form, i.e. you can not touch them, as you can coins and notes.

However, with internet banking paving the way forward to a cashless society, businesses can now also accept digital currencies and cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for goods and services.

Digital Currency vs Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are in digital form using cryptography (encryption) to verify and secure transactions. They are unregulated. Digital currencies are regulated pegged to fiat money, i.e. the digital form of physical money.

Did you know cryptocurrency now has a market cap of more than $2 trillion?

Bitcoin is still the leader in the crypto market. A third of businesses accept BTC payments – but the possibilities for growth are endless as any website using payment gateways like PayPal and Visa can when they choose to accept Bitcoin payments.

Just think of all those eCommerce businesses keen to secure sales. They will accept payment in whatever form their customers want to use, and that’s why cryptocurrencies have entered the mainstream.

Plus, people want to invest in BTC, and it’s almost too easy when you can use a USD to bitcoin converter from the comfort of your home and get BTC directly to your wallet.

Converting USD/Euro To Crypto

How do you convert dollar/euro to crypto within minutes? Let’s find out.

Exchange USD to Bitcoin within Seconds

There are many sites where crypto fans can exchange money for coins fast, but you shouldn’t rush to accept the offer about the exchange from the first provider as not all exchanges are secure.

Before you buy, sell, or exchange USD/Euro to crypto, you should ensure that the platform is safe. For example, do your research to find out which exchanges have been hacked and avoid them.

One proven white label crypto exchange platform is Switchere ane you can use it to quickly exchange USD to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies of which there are a lot of them.

Whether you want to get BTC, Eth, EST, or any other coin, the premium exchanges will provide user-friendly intuitive interfaces for the transaction.

The starting point is to have a bank card, i.e., Visa, MasterCard, or Maestro. It doesn’t matter whether it is a credit, debit, or prepaid card. You’ll be able to enjoy the easiest and fastest way to convert USD to digital currency without any hassle.

Remember, these exchanges are businesses, so they also want to provide the services their customers want to enjoy promptly.

To progress the exchange of dollars to crypto, you will need to pass through a quick registration and id verification to get started. The process of ordering coins is almost instant.

On an exchange site like Switchere, you’ll see a converter online. Write down the amount of money you want to spend, and you’ll see how many coins you’ll get for it.

You will see the amount you need to pay on the screen. Depending on the exchange, you may not pay a fee for the first order, but be sure to look up the fees for other exchanges.

Choosing your Exchange

Here are some of the features you should look for in an Exchange platform:

  • A wide selection of coins
  • Round-the-clock order processing. Order crypto any time, and your order will be processed automatically 24/7
  • Affordable exchange rate. Work out what matters to you – is it the lowest rate? Or a discount system and cashback – which means you can earn money using this service
  • Customer support
  • Safe payment method. You want to buy with a bank card, so your details are well-protected by 3-D secure technology.
  • Get coins to your wallet directly
  • Trusted service

Summing Up

Digital currencies are the future, and cryptocurrencies for investment or payment makes good business sense.

Using exchange platforms for getting crypto online is the fastest way to obtain the coins you need for investment or purchases.

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