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BusinessArticles Rules

To ensure BusinessArticles performs well for our audience, the following requirements apply to all contributors:

  1. BusinessArticles only accepts quality guest contributor articles from reputable sources.
  2. All content must be original for our site. We cannot accept any copies or duplicates of existing content that is online.
  3. Please note that we will check each submission to make sure it is not already published and once we have published an article it is the property of BusiessArticles.
  4. All content must be authored by you or that you have permission from the original author in writing (that you need to send to us) that you have permission to publish the content.
  5. We will not publish content we view as a sales pitch or written in a way that adds no value to the reader this includes product promotion for affiliate marketing.
  6. We will not publish content that we believe is defamatory to a business and/or person.
  7. BusinessArticles’ website integrity is of paramount importance to us, so we do not accept articles on topics such as adult, gaming, pharmaceutical, forex, essay writing, payday & tribal loans.
  8. By accessing or using our BusinessArticles website you agree to and are bound by the General Terms and the BusinessArticles Privacy Statement. Terms of Service.
  9. Adhering to Google’s General Guidelines is our focus, including: not participating in link schemes, automatically generated content, irrelevant keywords etc.

What we will do for BusinessArticles Contributors:

  1. Get targeted eyeballs reading your content.
  2. Distribute your articles within our online networks and web sites.
  3. Inform our social networks of articles on BusinessArticles to increase article reads.
  4. Keep your article online for minimum of 12 months.