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Benefits of Using a Lift Table


Lift tables are some of the most useful machines in a factory, warehouse or any work setting. They are available in many forms including hydraulic lift tables.

Lift tables in their available variations are highly beneficial in areas in which they are applied. Here are some of the benefits of using lift tables.

Enhance safety

One benefit of automation in the work place is improved safety. One of the many risk factors present in the factory is the lifting of heavy objects. Also, sometimes, many workers need to work on heights for example when cleaning windows or working on overhead electrical or telecommunication wires.

When a lift table is used, it helps lift or raise heavy loads without straining the human workers. When a scissor table used to reach heights, it reduces the risk of people plunging to their death.

Reduces injuries to workers

Factory workers tasked with loading and palletizing have to bend down often and lift substantially heavy weight loads.

This is a health risk. However, the use of lift tables ensures that the frequent bending is no longer a part of the job and helps improve the health and working conditions of the workers.

Easy to use

Regardless of the task carried out by the scissor table, it is quite easy to use. Hydraulic scissor tables have a lever that is used to operate the lift till it gets to its appropriate or required height. When working on heights, the scissor table can lift you to the height that you need to get to quickly and easily. Besides hydraulic lifts, there are also pneumatic and mechanical lifts.

Scissor lifts are easily operated and help reduce fatigue among workers and operators.


Mobility is another benefit that scissor lifts offer. They can be easily delivered to the areas where they are required. They can be moved around in the factory and can also be moved around for tasks outside of the factory.

Enhanced productivity

With a scissor lift, productivity is enhanced. Like with all automated functions, a machine is much faster than a human being.

The scissor lift will lift much heavier loads than any human being. Also, it will lift it faster than any number of human beings. As a result, production will take place faster and more efficiently. They help avoid manual labor and save time in the production process.

Lower maintenance cost

Scissor lifts are highly cost efficient. With proper use and care, they will rarely need significant maintenance processes that need high financial investment. Further, they are durable and sturdy machines suitable to work in many factory conditions.


When not in use, scissor lifts are very small. They are folded and quickly and easily stored in the factory. They do not occupy a lot of space. As a result, they will not interrupt any of the other processes. In addition, they will not increase the costs of space required to keep them safe.

Evenly lift weights

A scissor lift ensures that the weight of every item they lift is evenly distributed. As the scissor lift moves, it balances the weight of whatever it is lifting. The flat table surface onto which the weight is loaded helps lift loads that have uneven shapes and weights.

Available in a wide range of sizes and weight capacities

Scissor tables are present in a wide range. Different table lifts have different weight and capacities. This ensures that different users can acquire those that fit their needs. This also results in a wide price range for ease in affordability.

Companies with heavier loads to lift will buy scissor lifts that can lift heavy loads while the rest can buy those with lower weight capacities.


Like every other automation equipment, scissor lifts are highly beneficial when used appropriately. They help reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury on workers and help workers and loads reach appropriate work heights. Scissor lifts are beneficial to all factories that deal with heavy items of heights.

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